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Hi Red, I too, hypo/hashi's and mid-age, new to meds, since January. I've been on Synthroid at a variety of doses. I've never had a problem with weight until all of this! (except anti d's, big weight issue). I've been watching every bite I take and not budging on my weight decrease. But, this past wk I went back to endo and pleaded for t-3, Cytomel. My t-3 levels were very low as were my t-4's, but tsh was .77. I explained my concerns about the t's and tsh was medicated so yes it is low. He was willing to try Cytomel! I've lost a few lbs this wk already! Just getting below the 10lb gain and seeing a couple lbs down made me feel so good!! My depression seems to be a bit better too! Like I can try to talk myself into a bummer but it doesn't happen now!!! that cloud just seems to lift where I couldn't budge it before. I'm still tired, mostly in the morning, but seems to be helping. I'm only on 5
mcg, even though he sd take 2. I'll work up to more next wk. Anyway, just wanted to suggest trying cytomel and see if it helps you too?:)