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Originally my thyroid test came back as TSH and T3 fine but extremely low T4s I was treated, over the course of 6mths, with increasing levels of Synthroid until we reached 112. All the horrible symptoms that I have been having for 15 years went away; headaches, muscle pain and swollen joints (gone), hair loss (my eyebrows have grown back), brittle nails (I finally have nails that are not cracked and bleeding), weight gain (I was able to lose 20lbs through diet and exercise) insomnia (I can sleep through the night), fatigue (I don't have to take a nap during the middle of the day in order to function) dry skin, etc, etc, etc. I had no hyperthyroid symptoms. Now my doctor is saying that on the results of my most recent test I have an excess of T4 (1.99) and it is suppressing the TSH (0.016). He has lowered my dosage to 100 and 112 every other day and now all of the symptoms are coming back. What is a girl to do?
Have they tested your FREE T3?

Synthroid is a T4 only med.
YOur FREE T3 is likely at the bottom of the range.

See if they are testing that and what your numbers are.

Call and get copies of all your lab reports.
Thats the place to start.
My T3 are normal and have risen a little 2.7 to 2.9 during this process. Looking again they might be low. I went back and calculated and we have actually been working on the dosage for the past 10 months. I have been on the 112 dosage for the last 5 months and was doing great but my numbers are concerning the Dr. BTW we tried adding cytomel (a T3 drug) and I started getting really sick (anxiety and jitters) . Before the synthroid we tried Armour and Thyrolar and I developed an allergic reaction to something in the proprietary blend.
its complicated.

But having low Free T3 will make it hard for your adrenals to rest and recover......but taking too much Free T3 will make your adrenal insufficiency worse.

It seems best to start healing your adenals and to start on a VERY, very low dose of T3.

The info that talks about 'those durn adrenals' helped me switch from Synthroid to Armour. I was on Synthroid for 27 years before I switched to Armour. I had really bad adrenal insufficiency.
I thought I wouldn't be able to tolerate Armour (I almost gave up at least twice). But I am so glad I that I didn't!!

My quality of life has imporoved so much on Armour.

Study that site.
Look at all the pages.

Good luck!
Does anyone have an opinion on Thyrolar? It is supposed to be a combo of T4 and T3. Would this be a good alternative to Synthroid?