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Hi! I'm waiting on a call from my endo re my labs for adrenals and other immune issues. I've had horrid insomnia! what I've been doing is taking my Synthroid in the middle of the night when I wake up, like 1-3am, it helps!! Just started Cytomel, 5mcg, the 10mcg was too much!! he lowered my Synthroid to 50, but the insomnia came back! so back to the altering 50/75 for me! My sleep issues got better when the Synthroid was up to 75, so hope yours improves too soon!! Hey SpineAz, you and I have the same back! lol: I had cervical fusion in 2003, lumbar discectomy 1999 and many more discs slightly herniated. I wonder how much our issues may be related to thyroid and hashi's??? Hope your's doesn't limit you too much, mine is only good for up to 2hr outings:mad: Hope we all feel great soon!!!;)