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Hi everyone,
Well, sometimes I pay cash because the insurance co. sometimes is more expensive with each co-pay....I have to ask alot of questions and try to either buy up the whole prescription....like synthroid, or elavil when I was on it.....believe it or not, sometimes the scripts are cheaper to purchase the whole thing w/ cash. Walmart is good for blowing you off! I shouldn't say Walmart, but those pharmacist, think they can give you a price and you will pay it....not so, I can shop around if it is not a waste of gas and I am near other pharmacies. Yes, it could be exhausting but I do not have alot of money to throw away or allow someone to take from me! Even if you ask the difference at the time of drop off, they do not have the time to check for you. They just run the script w/ your insurance just to give you a price....I wait around until the script is processed and bagged, ready to be purchased and than I usually will ask the cost of the cash price over the cost of the insurance price. The pharmacist are really in competition, and if they can make you wait until they run it thorough w/ insurance cost, there is alot of nickle and dime-ing going on? You get tired of waiting and than you are too tired to be assertive like paying attention to how you felt when you were giving them script at the beginning of the situation. I am not a good shopper and as I do I find more errors with how the pharmacist charge for things. The scripted was used, for my first time at this small town one and when I went to question the girl behind the counter that I wanted to do a price check, one of the 3 pharmacist shouted out, your co-pay should be the same everywhere! I was surprised to hear her or anyone reacts to a question that I had asked softly, out loud! I dismissed really answering her, because the reason I chose that pharmacy is that I may have to use it again. Like in a time when I do not have time to drive farther for the better deal, with gas prices being so up and down all the time....Let me tell you that the location is a vacationing place where there are alot of retiries...I should have shouted back and I didn't......next time I go in, and it will happen, I need to be aware of how therse pharmacist, handle customers? I can tell you my husband was with me and when I have him at my side...I make poor decisions, like I am not assertive enough because he just drains me of assertiveness.. Does that make since? Do you ever have a friend and when you are with them, they think the whole world should be treated as if we all have rose color glasses on? I am trying to get to the questions it takes to get a quick answer, regarding any med....I should have been informed abut the 10 left behind. I am going to will call them and see what they say to me.....I can only tell you there is competition with all the pharmacies? I would not have know this except I was going to get my script filled at one, and than I went for a price check to another place, and the pharmacist was excited to tell me that she could beat that price! I guess my situation allows me to travel and I need to be flexible to be able to purchase any script where ever I may be? Narcotic drugs or non-narcotic. If I am going to pay for something I have to learn how to look at each price.....No I am not smart, but I am tired of the pharmacist blowing me off any time I happen to be med up when I go in....my meds affect me. Husbands or friends do not know how it feels to run out of any pills you are on unless they are on alot...My husband is on 1 pill, that he breaks in half....He would just pay the cost, anything anyone wants to charge him and he would pay it....I see the difference of the cost and I speak up....Some times the pharmacist look at me funny, but I don't care! I do not speak to them rudely and I keep pressing to know the difference. You know how hard it is to make a decision, write a check and leave and go home...it is all exhausting! Well, this is how I feel and thank you for all your input. You all have good info for me to feed off of and when I get to the bottom of the final 10 pills, I surely will be posting the results of this situation...thanks, sunshine1973, this is truley a wonderful place to express our situations that we do experience when getting narcotic medications for severe chronic pain.