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Hi Osteo, yes, he advised me NOT to have surgery. The new endo had the biopsy report, but no u/s report, had notes from the other guy. I'll be calling the old endo Mon. to "inform" him of the new report... The other dumb endo also advised no surgery. The only reason I got all caught up in "surgery" was reading so much about hurthle cells. But...if there is no nodule now, it doesn't make sense? I'm afraid if I go to the surgeon he will want surgery, as that's his expertise??? My dilema is : if I in fact had a nodule and its gone, well, that's a good sign!! But, if maybe when he did the biopsy it could have drained it? like you said they took so many slides! will it come back? It just appears with no big masses showing things are going in the right direction? I have a bit of a concern on a "limp node" higher up my neck. He ultrasounded that and sd yes its enlarged, but showed blood flow. He sd it could be from sinus issues. I had 2 areas that hurt during the u/s. I dunno, so confused right now. I'd like to keep with this recent opinion, seeing as its the least invasive. I'm trying to be optimistic and put this whole thyroid thing behind me. Atleast he did the adrenal test, as I have always felt something was off with that, now all is covered. The high "estradiol" levels had me concerned, with no female parts left, he was baffled too. If the adrenal test comes back with flags that will end that case, if not, well, where the heck is the estrogen coming from? He insisted the thyroid does not make estrogen, but I showed him documents proving estrogen is a thryoid cancer tumor producer. So, hmm. But then again, it still would have to come from another source to make the t tumor. Oh, well, one step at a time. For now, I think after I get the test results Monday I'll make my decision on if I'm going to pursue surgery? He's upped my Synthroid and dropped the cytomel, another 6 wk wait, been at the dose he's upped me to and my tsh went very low, he wasn't concerned. I just want to stick with ONE dr and stop dwelling on this, reading too much is not good. I think we must go with our "gut" feelings. It appears there are a lot of us with similar readings and don't require surgery. I'll let you know what the adrenal test showed? but not leaning toward surgery at this point.
Hi Sienna, no, the new endo is with Dartmouth-Hitch. He's very young but tac smart. After I get my lab results, I hope tomorrow, I'll decide if I am canceling the MGH appt? I wasn't looking forward to the commute into Boston, plus, if I don't even have a nodule now what's the point? Does your nodule bother you? the new endo sd if it gets to a point of pain and pressure then surgery might help? He truly feels with the correct dose of Synthroid, with a consistant dosing, not like the other endo did to me: he had me altering days with 50's and 75's , no wonder I was all over the place. If we don't do surgery we just need to keep up on ultrasounds. The people that have cancer seem not to be Hashi's and found their lumps by accident. Atleast we are being monitored regularly. I just feel so--much better, having a doctor you like makes a world of difference! When you don't trust your doctor that's when one starts "studying"... I'll always do my research, but now a bit of the load is off. When do you go to MGH? you can have my appt on the 19th if I cancel?