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The only drug I have been on that long is synthroid. I am taking 1800 mgs of calcium a day because of osteopenia.

If you are taking as much as 1800 mg of calcium, you must take at LEAST 900 mg of magnesium, although you could take more because the body excretes daily what it can't use. Magnesium deficiencies often don't show up in routine lab tests (I have explained why on other boards) and unless your doctor specifically requests mag tests that are more accurate (and alas, more expensive) you may have a mag deficiency and no one would know about it. And for your info, that water pill that caused me to wake or kept me from sleeping nights created an electrolyte imbalance in my body...once I stopped the pill, got the right amounts/ratios of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, my leg pain/movements and my hip pain went away...and hasn't returned since ( 3-4? years).

Even if you supplement adequately, don't assume you will experience results immediately. I have read that it can take several months to several years to "restock" your body's mag supply, and given the fact that you've been experiencing these symptoms for years your "cure" may not happen right away.

You might also do some reading on what types of mag supplements to use...there are about 4 different types, and some are more readily absorbed by the body than other types. If you haven't been on the RLS or sleep disorders boards recently, you might want to go back and read about mag there.

Take care!


PS I have no experience with synthroid whatsover, but based on my experience with blood pressure medication I would highly recommend an extensive review of the side effects/dosages for synthroid...even though there are meds for different conditions, they often have similar side effects.
YOu are experiencing the effects of an undertreated thyroid issue, join the club, I also was a synthroid sufferer for many yrs. You need to switch to armour thyroid . Many doctors will tell you its old school , outdated, etc.. but you tell them that its your money and its what you want to try. Armour is a natural thyroid hormone, from a pigs thryoid , safely made at forest pharma. it has t4,t3,t2,t1, and calcitonin.Synthroid only is synthetic t4 and leaves us sick ,and makes us look like we are nuts every time we go to the docs they think we are hypochondriacs ,because it doesn't work ,Yes it might get your levels somewhere in the lab range, but not optimal, and it doesn't work for so many people. I switched to armour in june and I also take lugols solution iodine ,and other supporting nutrients.
The armour had relieved my symptoms within a few days, I have had a few come back lately,(nothing like when on synthroid though) but I am still working up my dose, my doc is a little slow at upping my dose. The lugols iodine has taken away all my heart palps, and gives that extra boost of energy , the thyroid NEEDS iodine... The RDA is WAY to low, look up Drs. Abraham and Brownstein, for iodine/thyroid info and all the research.
Iodine is being used in cancer treatment too, thyroid , prostate, breast, ovarian, also fibromyalgia, pcos ,heart issues....