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Oh my gosh , I cannot believe that doc did not treat you for your thyroid condition.

My husband has thyroid disease too. He started out with graves and although most people loose weight with it , he kept gaining. He put on around 60 pounds. He also felt like crap. We also went to an idiot doc and he said oh that lab test is wrong , your fine. Well he was not fine , we finally traveled to mayo clinic. His lab work was right it was graves.

First he went on medicine but it did not really help. Then they killed off his thyroid with rai. Now he is on synthroid for being hypothyroid and if he does not take it he gains back weight and fills up with fluid. The doc said the thyroid disease is what caused the weight gain. He has a blood test every 3 months to check his levels and adjust the synthroid if needed. They told him not go on diet pills without talking to the doctor first. He lost 40 lbs after they fixed his problem. He feels so much better and looks better too.

Please , make sure you go to the doc and be pushy if needed to get him to treat your thyroid. I never knew how many problems the thyroid can cause.

I think your food plan is a great idea especialy if you are on the go so much. i would think that would make a big difference. BEST OF LUCK and you go girl , you can do it!!!! please let us know what the doc says!
My boyfriend takes synthroid as well. He is in great shape and not overweight at all. He was lucky and caught his hypothyroidism before it got hard to control. It's very worth it to make sure that your thyroid level is normal if you want to maintain your weight. I always hear about people who didn't know they had an underactive thyroid and they were gaining weight and didn't know why.