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osteo--Welcome back to you too! This is way too funny, both of you at the same time. Well, I don't know what to say to you girls? You both need to have more iron intake and watch your labs. I have cut back from 300mgs of elemental iron to 150 daily and I hope I am passed 41 ferritin by now. I would love to go back to the higher dose and build my stores faster, but I think that I would begin to overload. That Ferris Sulfate is what sent me to the hospital. You have to be really careful with the GI tract and long term use of FS. The type of iron that I take is meant for long term use and not so dangerous as other irons can be. In the beginning when I had an 8.5 Hgb I took FS 3X daily and went to a 12.9 in 2 months time. It's absorbency rate is wonderful, if you can stand it. Then I was so ill from the iron I had to stop and heal before I could take the right amount and my blood dropped 2 points for most of the year with a ferritin of 2-9. What a year and glad that's over. I agree save the maintenance dose for later. First build the ferritin numbers, we know how long that can take. I know what you mean about juggling too many balls with a schedule of supplements. I now take my Synthroid in the morning and my iron before dinner and it seems to work out great. I save the PPI for the last thing at night so that I can absorb all that I can get out of my food. With the higher dose iron you don't have to take it several times a day, which is a plus. Maybe this can be an option for you.

Interesting about hair loss. I have had hair loss for years. When I had no iron at all in stores, I shed horribly. When my ferritin got back to 20'ish it began to get much better. I don't think too much of it. Thank goodness I have thick but fine hair and lots of it so you don't notice anything but the new baby fine hairs. My tsh is always all over the place, guess that is due to the destructive behavior of the AI action. I'm working on getting to a 2 tsh and having a difficult time with med adjustments, but I'll get there.

So, what's up with your thyroid and nodules? I think you were in the middle of a difficult time the last time you were here. I hope you are having a better time with it now. I read alot on the thyroid board, but I am so discouraged most of the time about it I don't even bother to post.

I read so many things that can be related to Hashi's that I have, and then the Endo says no they are not related, and not the cause. hmmmmmmm. I asked the other day why does everyone with Hashi have a low ferritin? His answer was that they ALL don't. I said, well the one's that I talk to do. His answer was so you go on the internet and read. He didn't say why so many thyroid people have a low ferritin. I would love to see a thread that states; Hi, I have Hashi's, but my ferritin is high normal LOL! By the time I left the office he is retesting my Tsh, T-4, CMP, Ferritin and CBC. I hit the jackpot with labs! I'll stop babbling now. Nice to hear from you again. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Hey flowergirl-Nice to hear from you! I hope your son is doing well. It does seem Hashi's and low ferritin go together. I know I have read some explanation about it but don't recall the why of it.
Let's just say I agree with you, it seems quite prevalent with Hashi's.
So, what is your best recommendation now for getting the ferritin up?And, I do not want to use ferrous sulfate because of its harshness.Sorry you ended up in the hospital for f.s.
This all sucks. It is really hard to juggle with the synthroid and the estrogen. Are you in meno? if not yet, be very thankful. It is overload on the system with hashi's.
Ah my thyroid story--well I had a biopsy and it showed normal thyroid tissue in the 3cm mass. I saw an oncologist and he said...he could not rule out cancer, just the biopsy doesn't show it. And, it was my call to either go with thyroidectomy or wait and watch. I still am not sure what to do. In Dec. I will have another u/s and I am thinking thyroidectomy early next yr. I could not go through another biopsy , without any anesthetic of any sort I was poked with a needle 120 times--6 needles ea. taking 20 tissue samples. Needle goes in and slightly picked up and then put down 120 times-must be my bad karma. It was torture truly. Some go through biopsy and do ok. Some say they got shots to anesthetize.My dr. was nice and caring , he said a shot to numb would skew results....but, I have learned that at MD Anderson Cancer Center they give a numbing shot. So, that is the story. I should have been put under twilight--it was traumatic.
Now, I need to get the ferritin up again. IF you have any ideas, I am listening!
Osteo--Thanks for asking, my son is doing very well. He is up to yearly scans now with no changes:). I hope and pray that there are never any changes!

What a thyroid story! Sounds like you did have torture treatment OMG. If you have the thyroid removed, then you won't have any of the problems with the Hashi's ~ocilating TSH~ right? What a relief that would be! But then you have to take high dose synthroid, right or is that just with CA? Do they want to take the gland out if there is risk or leave it in, wait and see approach? I have not had nodules yet, and I hope I never do, but isn't that a common part of Hashi's? Was your nodule considered large? I have only had an US at the time of DX, should I be getting one annually or at all?

As for raising the Ferritin, (high dose iron comes to mind) this is a fully loaded question. I have tried everything just about. It really depends on your particular body and it's rate of absorption. Some of us have problems with malabsorption on top of it all, which makes it much harder. I don't really eat much meat and never have. I'm sure that this contributes to my problem. I have recently tried to eat small amounts (you only need 3 oz, 3x weekly) different types of meats and add 500mgs of Vit-C with the iron loaded main meals for an increased absorption. This is something that you can do along with your iron supplement. So, you shoot for the highest absorption rate of iron supplements, iron rich foods with good food combinations to enhance absorption and I think that small snacks (high in iron), without any other foods may also help. As you know, meat is the highest rate of absorption, but when eating meat if you add 75mgs of Vit C it can increase the absorption rate of heme iron 6 fold. So, this is where I am at and what I am also working on. I will see in a couple of weeks if this is working for me. It's imperative that when having a problem retaining iron that you stay on supplements for the duration. And no, I am not in meno, I am peri and AT 47 yrs. old. I do not wish for menopause or the problems that the combination of Hashi's will present. What ARE the complications of the two? If you don't mind answering.

What do your docs think is the reason for your low ferritin? My doctor's first thought heavy cycles, so I fixed that, then I remained on 300mgs of iron until I hit a 20 ferritin, then went to 150daily and I have only increased to 41 in 2 yrs total. Now the GI says it is malabsorption from long term PPI's? It could be anything at this point right? FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Welcome back Audrey-
Sorry to hear you dropped about 20 some points. It is tough to deal with this ferritin issue and yet probably very worthwhile for us to do so.
I need some help on juggling when to take the iron supplements, could you guys give me some help---I will start with the givens which I think are the same for both of you. And anyone else who has to juggle this stuff please add your 2 cents.
First--I take my synthroid at about 5:00am when dh gets up to get ready to go to work. Then I go back to bed (lucky me!)
Breakfast at about 8:00am-always same thing fruit smoothie with berries and one cup of yogurt, and oatmeal and nuts (so the fiber ,nuts and yogurt are iron blocking and anyway I don't want to do the iron so close to synthroid. After breakfast I take magnesium and B complex.
Lunch around noon--here I take my daily mutli which has calcium in it and a whole lot of other supplements
Dinner time or a little before dinner-this is where I take the iron , vitamin c 500mg and copper ( I read it is good to take the copper with the iron????
About 4 hours later at bedtime I take calcium supplement if I haven't gotten at least 1200 in dietary and also magnesium.
So does anyone see a problem with this routine or see a better way. No matter how I think about it , this seems the only way.