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The thyroid replacement takes time (like months!). Your TSH is in the normal range, but you were only started on it a week ago. It will take some time to level out and some time to get your body back to normal. I'd hang in there, take care of yourself, get over that cold, and give the synthroid a few months, then see where you are. If you're still having aches and pains after that, try to get some follow up from your physician (and you can definitely keep telling him/her the symptoms you're having when you go in for your thyroid follow up appts, but just give the synthroid time to work). It may be that your replacement therapy needs to be increased a little - you've still got a ways to go before you hit the "low" range of your TSH. (Though many physicians want to keep TSH on the higher range; then you have to just argue quality of life and get plenty of calcium!! - low TSH puts women at risk for osteoporosis).