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My MOm was admitted to the hospital a few days ago with hypertensive crisis. In the Dr's office her BP was 310/170 and the Dr admitted her to the intensive care unit.
While there they did many tests, one was an MRI which revealed she'd had several strokes. THe neurologist said they were small but of reasonable size. Also the echo revealed that her heart is thickened but not too bad. THe carotid ultrasound was good though. Her arteries are clean except for one very small deposit which isn't a blockage.
The DR's she had been going to never have been able to really bring her BP down. Even on meds it stays high.
Her last DR didn't do any tests other than an EKG and her BP was very high and she still didn't admit her. And the medicine didn't bring it down.
When she came to where I'm living I made an appt with my DR.
Fortunately the affects haven't been as bad as they could have been. She is a little weak on her right side and has to be careful walking but doesn't need a cane or help. Has some trouble writing though but not with eating or otherwise using her right hand.
I've read about stroke but I guess really don't know that much about it and am not very familiar with all of the symptoms.
A few years ago she was diagnosed with Bells's Palsy which the DR said was really stroke misdiagnosed. About a year ago she woke up one morning and shortly after leg pain set in and if I remember correctly her arm hurt too but I beleive started out being a little numb but only lasted a short time and went away. She said it{arm and leg pain} lasted only a few hours and went away then knee pain started. The DR said arthritis which she does have. THe neurologist said that that too was a stroke most likely. And the last time Mom said her hand went to sleep, went away after a few minutes then fell asleep again and went away pretty quickly. Also she said she was a little nauseated and vomited.
I had no idea that vomiting or a limb falling asleep{especially if it only lasts a few minutes} was a symptom but after doing some research found vomiting and nausea to be a symptom not just in heart attacks but strokes too.
The neurologist said these episodes were all strokes. Or at least to the best of her knowledge. She said they were having a hard time figuring out what was old, what was new and they were overlapping. As for the rest there's no way to know when MOm had those and she never complained if she had symptoms.
I've read that alot of people don't realize when they are having a stroke.
They now have her on zestril, labetolol and HCTZ for the high blood pressure, Synthroid for her thyroid and aspirin. Her BP is still not low enough. Her top number varies from 150 to 200 and her bottom number varies from 75 to 120 but considerably lower than before. The top number averages about 170 and the bottom about 90.
At this point I think the DR's are pretty grateful they were able to get it down this much. I do wish they could get it down lower because she's at even higher risk for another stroke in the future. And she might not be so lucky next time.