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My mother (71) had her 5th stroke in April of 2002. By far the worst. She was left with right side paralysis, incontinence, and loss of speach. From the ER, she went to Rehab, and then to a nursing home where she is still. Moved from Rehab because the 'progress' was not fast enough for Medicare. Also, their standard regimen was a number of perscription medicines. At the NH, the thereapy has mostly ended again becuase they did not see enough progress. She is able to eat on her own and the feeding tube and catheter were removed.

My father and I (only child) have been working to get medications reduced because my mother always had adverse reactions to medications and could take those that had the fewest side effects for 6-12 months before developing reactions. We had been somewhat successful until Friday, when they decided she was distubing other residents and added a mild sedative.

She currently takes Effexor, BusPar, Ativan (added) and Synthroid. I am not sure why she was put on 2 anti-depressants and getting information has become more difficult since HIPAA took effect. She tends to be irritable and somewhat irrational, which could be an interaction of the Effexor and BusPar.

We feel that, depending on the medications she takes, she is still able to understand a lot of what we say but has difficulty exppressing what she needs. Occaisionaly we get a complete coherent sentence but mostly the same few words repeated.

The former OT felt that she could walk with help, but her contract with the facility was not renewed. She also had full range of motion with the right arm, but did not make progress per their schedule (Medicaid driven?). Without the use of speach, she is not able to give any feedback and we are clueless.

We are exploring othere facilities (georgia, north of Atlanta) and would welcome any resources. I have been unable to find any real good info on stroke recovery and treatment. Every site seems to repeat the same things.

Sorry to ramble, but we are trying to make life more livable for her.