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  1. Freezing On Hydrocodone
    ... with the coldness. Along with the hydrocodone, I take Synthroid , Ambien and Klonopin. I am so miserable I do not want...
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  2. Come off Nardil antidepressant need detox place?
    ... my Nardil? I feel my Nardil is interacting with my Synthroid and giving me bad jitters in the morning. I only take ... one Nardil a day, 15 mg. I take Synthroid 100 mcg but need to increase to get normal TSH levels...

  3. I need advice and am feeling real SCARED
    ... person plus my gp. She only prescribes the provigil, synthroid , and nexium. So it is not anything major, I am...
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  4. Looking For Answers
    ... hormones and thyroid checked. The doctor just upped my Synthroid . The three doctors I have been to do not seem to...
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