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I'm surprised your child's doctor didn't tell you to get your child vaccinated for the flu along with everyone else in your family. My spouse and I were told to get flu shots, when our child turned 6 months he got his and when we were in for a regular check-up last week the doctor was ready to give us all flu shots if we hadn't already done so. We were also given prescriptions for tamiflu with instructions to fill the one for our child immediately if he got the flu and fill ours if we were exposed to the flu -- if a large number of coworkers were suddenly out sick with it.

Sounds like you're keeping on top of things. Don't be afraid to speak up if you're concerned with your child's health. This is serious stuff and IMO I think too many times parents are told "it's nothing" "it's just a virus" and are sent home with instructions to use pain reliever and cold remedies. I had to tell a medical professional the other day to wash her hands. She'd just been playing with a sick child in the waiting room and then was going to weigh my child. Duh!
My doctor did not really recommend the flu shot....and its beyond that point now so that is mute! I am a Mom who is very much on top of things and definately NOT afraid to say how I feel. My son has been sick with lots of different ailments in his short life. He has, asthma, needs his tonsils and adnoids out (scheduled for Jan. ), low weight, etc....we have been in and out of the hospital with him for the past two years and are fairly skilled in dealing with the docs etc. THis just hit him very hard although things are looking up now! I think he will be better just in time for Christmas. I will definately be on top of the flu shot next year but am not sure if there was a certain reason NOT to give it to him this year. My brain is mush at this point but I do remember discussing and than deciding against it for my three year old due to his other issues! They wont give it to a child who is already sick and my son is always sick with asthma issues etc. Also that tamiflu has not been given out here at all! We tried to no avail! Thanks for the advice and post. All advice and support is great!

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I am SOOOO appreciative of all your replys/ advice etc....but please please please do NOT answer me with "flu shot" as I have already of course thought of that and it is now too late. That stuff wont help now...any other advice besides that or stories or course......is welcomed! No...I cant get Tamiflu either...been there, tried that...cant get it! My son also has other issues that we were on the fence about giving the flu shot to begin with to him. But rest assured, next year, I am probably doing it regardless!

Please you guys dont take this wrong way...just I am sooooo over hearing how the flu shot "Could have" worked etc....its too late. I already feel bad enough and that is not an option at this point for me or my family this late in the game!

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