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Hi guys.........I've been reading all the posts on this thread with lots of interest! I too, am dealing with profuse sweating.......it's unreal! It progresses until my whole head is soaking wet and sweat drips off and hits my shoulders....honest! Talking about embarrassing! My RSD started in my left foot-ankle area after a fusion surgery (L4-5, L5-S1) but now it has gone up my leg and has mirrored over to my right leg. The left leg is still the worst. I have had nerve blocks which helped calm things down a little. I recently went thru stimulator trial. I wasn't impressed with it that much....felt too much like a tens unit which I absolutely hate, but doctor insists that is what is needed.....told me I was running out of treatment options. He will only do the morphine pump as a last resort so I more or less have no choice. I'm afraid he will refuse to treat me (pain meds) if I don't try the permanent one for a while. They have me set up for permanent placement on June 28 but I'm still unsure....lol, guess I better be figuring it out huh? I really hate to go to another pain doctor because I've been with this guy for 7 years now and for the most part I really like him. (Forgot to mention that I've had a total of 7 back surgeries...cervical and lumbar).

Anyway, regarding the sweating issue.....I am going thru menopause at the same time so I'm getting it in a "double whammy". I can't take hormones because I had a pre-cancer in right breast last summer and it was so close to being cancer that they decided to treat it with tamoxifen which is anti-estrogen drug to keep estrogen from feeding and turning into more cancer. This is why no hormones to help with hot flashes. My gynecologist told me that with the sympathetic nerve being damaged and causing RSD that to keep in mind that RSD affects the limbic portion of the brain and the hypothalmus is located there which is your body's "thermostat". The blocks help some but I still have sweating.

ASK ME if I wish I lived in Alaska???? To make matters worse, I have very thick hair.....feel like I am wearing a wool cap 24/7. Needless to say, my hair is cut short....very short! LoL......just glad to know there are other folks out there with the same problems!