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Hi Guys/Gals, just diagnosed with radiculopathy pain. About 2 months ago bent over to pull up my jeans and WOW!!!! Thoracic area in left back went into the spasms from ....! Tried to self medicate with Advil 800mg 3xd for about 2 weeks and did not improve. Went to MD and he gave me Skelaxin to relax the muscles and Ultram for pain and said to keep taking the Ibiprofen as above. Within 2 hrs of taking the Skelaxin the spasms decreased a whole lot and I could turn over in bed etc. Heat also felt better than ice. So I was going along feeling better and better until the front of my thigh from groin to knee decided to "go to sleep". I am an RN and working full time in a hospital. Rehab unit which includes pain management. When I make my med passes which take about 1hr is when the pain can become unbearable. Tears rolling down checks etc. I am pushing/pulling a 50lb med cart. I can take Ultram without sleeping etc side effects like some people but by the time it kicks in (15min-30min)the episode has subsided anyway. At night it is just numb and tingling so I am luckier that some of you in that respect. I am stuck in this stage right now. I don't have the severe pain problem at home except when vacuuming. I went in today and the MD decided to do an MRI to see if the pain is caused by a disk, degeneration etc.He prefers I hang in there and treat with exercise meds heat cold massage etc and see if it will clear up. On the dermatone scale the pain is definitly coming from L1 and L2.
Someone else mentioned this: when I went for my annual gyn exam I nearly fell off the table when she tried to insert speculum for exam. Now I have had a 10 1/2 lb baby without any meds and this pain was beyond that. Having read someone else's experience on this board I see what the problem was! My gyn is a women but was pretty put out with me. I am on Tamoxifen and she had planned to do a uterine biopsy in her office. I have had that there before and it was bearable. This was NOT! Had to have general anesthesia. I had told her about the back/thigh problem but she didn't connect it. Will have something new to tell her in 6 months.
Today I was given Neurotin to take at night. Starting off with 300mg and going up to 600mg in a couple of weeks. Doesn't sound like that is enough compared to what youall say and what some of my patients take. We will see.
Glad to have found this board to exchange ideas.