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My sister had Stage 1 and Stage 0 BC. no lymph involvement. She is 42. She opted for a double mastectomy. Oncologist said to do chemo (4 rounds) and tamoxifen. She just wants to do tamoxifen. Her tumor was estrogen pos, but negative for something else (they said that was good). She goes for her PET scan Tuesday.
I am sick with worry.
Did anyone have the same and opt for just the tamoxifen?
She seems to think the chemo only helps her chances of it not returning by 5% (based on some studies she found).
Thank you for your responses and hope you are well.
my mother did just tamoxifen in her left breat she had a 9 year sucess rate on the rt breast she was just 1 month shy of a 5 year sucess rate when she died . its something you need to ask a lot of questions about my mom was 69 when her breast cancer was discovered and 80 at her death.
I Am A 43yrs Old Woman And I Had Breast Cancer (left) They Took Out 23 Lymph Node I Had A Lupectamy I Did Chemo And Radiation And Because Of All The Above And Taking Tamoxifen I Lost My Period And After Three Years It Came Back Does Anyone Out There Can Tell Me If This Is Normal????????????? And To All Women With Or Going Thru Breast Cancer My Prayers Are With All Day And Night!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You!