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dear glowery
three years ago after going horse riding i found a lump under my nipple the size of a pea i went to the doctors immediatey i had a mammagram and ultra sound the conclusion being blocked milk dust. i was told not to worry and to keep an eye on it. As time went on (9months) this lump was still there it felt the same size and it played on my mind i wanted it out. I approach my gp and demanded a refferral to a breast surgeon. after more tests and this time a core biopsy the result was cancer. my anger was killing me if i had that core biopsy done earlier they would have picked it.I was left wondering if during this time it had travelled to my lymph node and one was affected. i was booked in for surgery within three days followed by chemo and radiation
and on tamoxifen. Go with your gut feeling and get positive results in my case core biopsy was the most conclusive test make sure you are happy with what they say if not get a second opinion. its your life don't be scared to ask questions .if you deal with it immediately you have a greater chance to cure it. good luck pl let me know how you are god bless you