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Nov. of 2005 I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma. The lump was so large it was inoperable. I am 47 and hadn't started menopause. The hope was that strong chemo would shrink it to the point of it being operable. Well..success..and a lot of prayers. The tumor shrunk enough so they could do a partial mastectomy. I went through 6 weeks of follow-up radiation. Now I am trying to get used to life after a year of cancer..Wow...Anyone have any input in the emotional ups and downs, especially now that I am taking Tamoxifen and have been forced into menopause. [FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"]:angel: [COLOR="Magenta"][/FONT]
hi maryanne,

you've come through a really tough time and i want to give you some words of encouragement. my mom was diagnosed with breast ca when she was about your age and was put on tamoxifen....she is now 83...miracles do happen......blessings......................................peace
hi maryanne,

its fantastic to hear that you are well, i to had breast cancer , 3 a half yrs ago.
partial mastectomy, chemo, six weeks of radiation & recontruction and hysterectomy related to the side effect of tamoxifen. we have both been to hell and back. I don't think about my cancer much any more, i thank god that i am here to enjoy my family and friends every day and try not to waste any of my time worring about what has happened to me because i can now live my life to the best i can and i know that if i can help one person feel better when i share my experience with them because i truelly understand what you have been through then its been worth it. my hot flushes are driving me crazy , but i here to talk about them.

regards linam