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I too had DCIS and had a mastectomy. I am small breasted anyway and allergic to the dye they wanted to use in the lymph nodes under my arm so they were not tested or removed. I had a 1 millimeter clear margin and did not have radiation or chemo or Tamoxifen. I have been on Raloxifine for osteoporosis and they think this helps keep the cancer from returning. I was lucky I had the mastectomy as the cluster showed up in just in one area on the mammogram and as it turns out my whole breast was full of cancer. That was 4 1/2 years ago and so far so good. It is a shame though that they can only test the remaining breast and there is no way to test via ultrasound or something the side that has been removed. The surgeon told me upfront that there is no guarantee she got every cell and to make sure I see the oncologist on a regular basis. It can sneak up on you going into the chest, bone, liver, brain. Who really knows what is going on in ones body. I don't dwell on it -- I even forgot the oncologist visit in September and the fact I was supposed to have a mammogram back then. I just had one this week and see him in a few weeks. They are mad at me as I was a no show. I was having mold problems at the time and was absorbed in that with remediation, etc. Enough is enough already. Now they are telling me a lot of my health issues including the cancer could have been caused by unknown long term mold exposure as I have high levels of mold mycotoxins in my blood which do all sorts of horrible things one of which is bad immune system and cancer.

Take care and hope the DCIS never comes back to either of us.