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Hi KD. New to the board also. Was diagnosed Feb 20th with invasive ductal and had lumpectomy (NO lymph node involvement. Also have DCIS). Had 4 rounds of AC. Hair fell out 3 weeks after starting, but not eyelashes/eyebrows. I went and got my wig prior to even starting chemo so I could match color and hairstyle. Shaved head when hair started falling out because it was such a nusance.
Didn't have much other problems with the treatment. Still went to my Pilates class 3 times a week. I took a large Sonic Slushy to chemo and didn't have problems with mouth sores. i have now started on Taxol and Herceptin (estrogen and prog positive, Her2 pos) once a week for 12 weeks. After that will have the 6 weeks of radiation and keep up the Herceptin IV for a total of year and then Tamoxifen oral for 5 years. I also feel this is all totally OVERKILL but would rather do it all knowing this will be a cure and not worry about a reoccurance down the line!
Go to a Breat Cancer Resource Center and they will have a lot of information and support for you. I know it is all very scary....make sure you have Dr's that you really like....don't be afraid of getting a second opinion. TAKE NOTES or have someone go with you to take notes for you.
Hope this is of some help for you!