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Hi Beepie, I understand your emotions, this is a very tough time..things will seem better for you once you start treatment, mostly because it makes us feel like we are doing something to rid our bodies of the beast!
Beepie, I will share with you my thoughts on lump vs mast, but remember everyone is different, whats right for me may not be for you..
I felt that removing my breast would bring me closer to all removal of any possibilites of having any cancer left behind and maybe having to go back in again as they sometimes have to with a lumpectomy..I am aware that cancer may even return in the area where the breast has been removed, but for me that chance seemed less likely to occur. There are things you need to be concerned about with having a mast..like lymphedema, I had 33 nodes removed (my surgeon did not give me the option of having the SNB, you can check that out on the internet) so I have a high risk of developing that now or anytime in the future, there are precautions...and I am careful. My hubby and parents were in favor of me having the mast., they felt more secure in feeling that the cancer would be removed that way..we were all in agreement. I have children, and would do anything I had to do in order to be here for them.
I did not want to have rads, I have read about radiation recall, and women who had alot of skin, and organ problems after. In my mind, if the cancer had returned I think I would regret not having a mast...this weighed very heavy on my mind.
My cancer was only very slightly estrogen postive, and progesterone neg..this means that hormone treatment like tamoxifen, and the aromatose inhibitors have less of a chance of keeping the cancer from returning.I had One postive lymph node, which can indicate that the cancer spread, or was on the move, and that knowlege (along with other information from the path report) will help to determine the course of treatment.
It must be a very difficult decision for you, whether to tell your parents or not..I can understand how sensitive an issue this is..Im not sure what I would do in your postion..
I delayed my last mammo too, and have kicked myself many a time, but we have to let that go..you have so much right now to deal with..who knows maybe if we had gone when we should have there wouldnt have been any cancer visable, and waiting another year from then would have given the cancer all that time to grow..well never know, we have to be really gently on ourselves especially when there are so many issues to deal with.
But Beepie, there are so many emotions with this disease..I buried my head in the sand for a very long time..but somewhere down the line, Ive realized that I hoped I could survive, I can be a survivor, and I will be a survivor!, each time I was knocked down..yeah I cried, had bad days, was scared, but I managed to pick myself back up and get back into my life again!! the other option wasnt very appealing to me!
Beepie, I pray for you, for all others battling cancer..I hate this disease! but believe that there is hope, and that you will survive!! One step at a time!

sending prayers and hugs your way,
Let me know how things go tommorrow
sure Beepie, Mine was 1.5cm, but according to my path report there was also another area, which apparently the mammo had not detected..after surgery my doc said "its a good thing you choose a mast, because there was other cancer elsewhere". Thats just my experience, everyone has their own, but just thought I should share that info with you.. I have read recently that women should have an mri following sugery, again this wasnt offered to me, but I can now understand what a positive that would be.
Being that your cancer is hormone positive, which means that estrogen fed the tumor, allowing it to grow, they probably will put you on tamoxifen or one of the ai's, aromasin, arimidex or femara, all depending on whether you are pre or post menopausal at that time..some women talk an injection to shut ovarian production, and others like myself choose a hysterectomy. I stopped menstuating for over a year after chemo, thats why I started on tamoxifen, and after 2yrs had the surgery and switched over to aromasin, after having some issues with side effects, I then switched to arimidex which, for me, doesnt seem as bad.
My sister in law, who takes femara has been on it for 7yrs and is still continuing...my onc told me that I will have a total of 5yrs hormonal therapy(I have one year to go) and unless further studies indicate benefits of continuing..he will take me off after the full total 5yrs.
Beepie, I know its all confusing..but your doing a great job!! You are taking charge, investigating and learning so you can make the best decision for you.. and you are arming yourself with info that will help you!
Anything at all that you want to ask is fine...there really arent any limits..I came here and continue to come so that I can offer help from my experiences..I didnt seek out that kind of help,but recently, Ive found many sites on the internet, for getting good info, kindness and places where I can express my feelings and concerns, and other women would know exactly how I felt..and that is an awesome feeling!! I am only sorry that I didnt look around earlier on..like you from the beginning..

Thinking of you Beepie!!
Thanks once again for your valuable support and experience.

I was at the hospital for almost three hours today. Various entities were talking to me before i finally saw the surgeon.

While they were all good, I thought, on the whole, the practitioners and the surgeon talk too much and dont listen much. Has anyone else had that impression? Just me being stubborn, maybe. I had done a lot of research and felt for awhile they were talking down to me and explaining things I already knew, while I had other questions. Me, being me, I just interrupted eventually.

Barring any other negative test results, they seemed pretty positive. They think it is Grade1/Stage1. Of course I will not know fully until lymph node testing. They want an MRI too, first.

Apparently radiation is a given, but a slim possibility I could use something called a mammosite, sp?), that would be for less time but more intense. Has anyone had experience with that?

They talked about tamoxifen or something like that maybe later. That final piece seems a little like overkill, but maybe I am missing something.

So now waiting, waiting, waiting, as usual. That is the hardest part. That and trying to continue to live life fully in the meantime. In that vein I am gong to a cancer care counselor tomorrow.

You have been so helpful and understanding. thank you so much. It means a lot to me.

hi beppie, i had my first mammogram in sept 05 and in sept 07 i had an ultrasound exam because it was under a year since my last one. Thats when early breast cancer was discovered.I was lucky as my mammogram wasn't due for another 2yrs. I had a lumpectomy and 1 lymph node had started to become infected.Chemo and radiotherapy followed.Ididn't mind the radio because i felt the benefits out weighed the after effects.Iam on tamoxifen and have been fine apart from the hot flushes and i am now on herceptin as my cancer was her2 positive.We tend not to have second opinions here. Ijust put all my faith in the oncologist i was given . I hope everything works out for you .Keep us posted. I will be thinking of you
best wishes phyl41