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Hello there,

male breast cancer is pretty rare. I can only speak for the u.k., but ehre are the statistics:

There are about 300 men diagnosed each year in the UK, compared with almost 44,000 cases of breast cancer in women. That's about one man for every 140 women diagnosed.

The symptoms, treatment and survival rates are about the same as for female breast cancer.

As the cancer will always be close to the chest wall in men (because there is so little breast tissue), the specialist is likely to suggest radiotherapy after surgery, if surgery is advised. This is to reduce the risk of the cancer cells growing back in the chest wall in the future.

The specialist will arrange tests on the cancer cells. This will show if they have hormone receptors on the surface of the cancer cells. If they do, the breast cancer is likely to respond to hormone therapy. Breast cancer cells can have oestrogen receptors or progesterone receptors. Most male breast cancer cells do have hormone receptors.

The most common hormone therapy for male breast cancer is the same as for women - tamoxifen. The commonest side effect for men and women is hot flushes. Tamoxifen may also cause weight gain, difficulty sleeping, low mood and depression. In men, tamoxifen may also cause a loss of sex drive.

Chemotherapy may also be recommended if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, they will do a biopsy to confirm this.

Good luck to you and your dad :)