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Who can share your diagnosis of IBC- how did it start?? I already had surgery for stage1BC estrogen posit, no nodes- tamoxifen 2 yrs- had Rads- no problem or rash w/ rads, but have developped rash- to the left side of affected breast and underneath a bruise like patch- now my Oncologist- said give it two weeks and if not better- will have biopsy-( but of what)= there is no lump? the skin?? My radiation oncologist saw it too- said nothing to worry about- I asked about IBC- said not to worry- but I am really scared and worried- the creams( benedryl ) don't help- I next see a dermatologist- but not for a wk= really concerned- In my heart- it doesn't feel like it is just a rash- I never saw anything like it.