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Just in case those were not informed --- my surgeon told me - no estrogen creams, no soy. As far as I know (but really who knows what is going on in their body) I have been cancer free for 6 years from a mastectomy for DCIS. Could not do radiation because I had it as a child to the thymus gland. Could not take Tamoxifen because I have been on Raloxifine for severe osteoporosis which is a sister drug to Tamoxifen.

My gynacologist wanted to give me estrogen cream for vaginitis and vulvitis but I said I couldn't use it. Doc said it's just a little amount. Just to make sure I called the surgeon's office and was told DO NOT USE IT.

Allergic to Deet and found a new product that is FDA approved and really works to keep bugs off you made of soybean oil and cocanut oil. I called the surgeons office and the answer came back -- DO NOT USE IT. It is absorbed into the body through the skin. Not sure what soy has to do with estrogen but there it is for all that it is worth. Just wanted to pass this along so everyone knows about it. If you have any questions about it please check with your oncologist or surgeon. Actually I probably could have just asked my oncologist but the surgeon is super, super and she is the one who told me this in the first place so that is why I asked her. She did say she was happy I have not had any signs of return but that she could have missed that one tiny cancer cell and it could even come back in 10 years so I have to keep seeing the oncologist and having my yearly mammograms. I did read somewhere that most breast cancers return within 5 years but DCIS for some reason usually returns in the 5 to 10 year mark. If anyone has any information on this please let me know as since I read that I am concerned -- I was sort of relieved that I made it 6 years but now I am kind of scared.

Thanks for any information.

Take care everyone.

A little soy is OK like what is in vitamins or processed foods but no more than that.