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Diff people need diff meds.
some people are helped by pill A and others only by pill B.
Some people need a combination of C & D.
Each pill masks only a specific type of pain.

My PN pain never started at a certain time of day..once it reared it's ugly head it just stayed 24/7. I have Sensory Axonal pheripherial Neuropathy of unknown cause.

Don't go off any pill without at least calling your Dr FIRST.
I fully agree that if you must go off any anticonvulsant (like Neurontin) then do it at a graduale step-down rate and never simply suddenly quit. Someone who never had a seizure in thier life can actually have one by abruptly going off! Yes the depression/mood problem is not just theory its a big problem so do not abruptly stop your pills without discussing it with your Dr and/or your Pharmacy.

Neurontin basically works for me.
If you have just started perhaps it will take a while for the med to build up enough in your system to mask the pain properly.

When I first got PN in 1993..it was 4 painful months trying to find out what the heck was wrong. Once decided then the Dr gave me Tegretol (sp) It helped right away to a degree (I was thankful at the time for any relief at all) but It took months for it have a 24/7 mostly full pain masking effect on me.

I took it for years but after many years it began to make me too sleepy so we changed to Neurontin. A graduale step-down from Tegretol and gradual step up to Neurontin.

Tegretol actully masked more symptoms for me than Neurontin does but the Neurontin seems to allow me more voluntary muscle control in the PN areas than the Tegretol did. I am definately more awake with Neurontin. Neurontin works very well to CONSTANTLY mask my burning electrical pain, the hot/cold/icy burning and the majority but not all of the pins & needles. Even the numb areas don't seem quite as dead. 4 hours after taking the pills the pins & needles get worse and the icy/hot/cold starts making itself vaugely known so I KNOW it's time for the pill. Luckily I never had any stabbing pain to deal with.

I currently only take a total of 800 mg's per day (200 mg x 4 times a day). My Dr was kind enough to order the perscription in 100mg pills (Not 300) so that I could stay start at 100 x 4 per day and later goto 200 x 4 per day. If I am not being very active I find I can manage on only 600 a day. (200 x 3)