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It never ends,
You say you need surgery but cannot afford it. Are you able to work? Maybe you are eligible for social security. If so, you will also be able to get medicare. You say you were hurt. Maybe you are eligible for some type of compensation. Please exhaust all avenues available. Find the best doctors in the closest large metro area. I travel to Boston. I would never trust the backwards surgeons around my area to operate on me. Be persistent--no person should be in the pain you are describing.

I had a similar situation after my 1st surgery in 1986. For the first 2 years I was in horrible pain. I had severe spinal stenosis and a herniated disc which caused sciatica and numbness in my left leg and foot. I went to a well known ortho surgeon in Boston. Unfortunately, my planned 2 hour surgery turned out to be 10 hours. I had such severe stenosis that my nerves were all crushed and tangled. They spent 5 hours just on the nerves. Disturbing the nerves caused sever pain after surgery. Miraculously, my sciatica was gone. I saw a neurologist at Beth Israel Hospital for years. He had me on tegretol and klonopin which studies have shown to help with nerve rejuvenation. He said it would be a long process and it was. I felt like I would make a little progress but then nothing for months. Then one day I would realize that I made another hurddle--but it was excrutiatingly slow. In fact, just reaching for a box of cereal would sometimes cause a 2 week set back. Finally, after about 5 years, I was totally cured--but from years of inactivity I was totally inflexible. This caused muscle spasms and muscular pain. I entered Spaulding rehab clinic and was given an intense exercise regiman. After a short time I felt great. I started playing sports and running etc. A couple of years ago I ruptured the same disc after playing in a tennis tournament. My pain is not that bad but I want to be perfect again. I'm going for the non-invasive nucleoplasty in a couple of weeks with one of the foremost surgeons in the country.

My point is that you say you feel some weeks you are getting better but then nothing. I know it's hard going, but try to have a positive attitude and stick with it. Keep a journal so you can go back and realize that, "hey I do feel better now than I did 6 months ago." It is sometimes a frustrating and long journey. Keep your eyes wide open for that light at the end of the tunnel.