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I've posted before on this, and yet to find anyone else that has it. Its an immune skin disease on my arms and legs. My dermo has not been any help, from what I read there is no cure? I would like to know how I got it? It started about a yr ago and got worse after my cervical fusion surgery. I think it may be due to x-ray or my weakend immune system from the herniated discs? I also have scalp sores, scabs. All my lab work is ok. Just the one biopsy came back with porokeratosis, some of the lesions are red and some brown, scaly no itch. , just UGLY. I just want to find out what is causing it! :confused:

The ointment that is helping clear the scaly patch but, not eliminate the scarring is Temovate Ointment .05%. Have you seen a good dermatologist. My skin looks terrible and I have scarring everywhere. You would think that eliminating the scars would be required treatment by the HMO's but, I guess scarring isn't a disease????????