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Deda, my company is gone. The children were well behaved as I had a sack of surprises for them and that kept them busy. They were very mindful of my incision too. It was a good visit. When my husband had that costochondritis his cleared up with Lodine. Maybe your Dr will give it to you. You will have to eat food with it or it will really tear your stomach up. The LS I have went misdiagnosed for about 5 yrs thus now I am fused almost to the utrethra. And cannot have sex at all as the vaginal opening is too small now. Also I have no labia minora , they have absorbed into the labia majora. I have a VERY UNDERSTANDING husband. And guess who else has LS?? My 8 yr old granddaughter , the one that was here today and the one I am so close to. She was diagnosed at 6 yrs old. sigh. Mine is under control as far as the itching goes, I use Temovate once on Sat. and once on Sun, a pea sized amout. There is no cure of course .Get a load of my family history. My brother has RA , his 3 daughters have Graves and Hashimotos , my sister has Fibro, my daughter has Lupus and Hashimotos, her daughter has LS and Asthma.I have High blood pressure, Graves, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis with referred pain to my legs and feet which is neuropathy , oh and I have a bulging disk between L4 and L5. I also have Osteoporosis, am an insomniac. have nutcracker esophagus and now colon cancer. How about that line up. Boy do I get tired of all this. What all do you have?Lia ........PS ......Deda ,I just hit quick reply and mine have always gone thru .
Lia- -

What is spinal stenosis? I forgot about another cousin of mine that had extreme psoriasis, all over her body, when she was 6 years old. Came and went over the yrs, stress made it worse. Poor thing, then she was murdered at 24. (Took ride home from a party w/ the wrong 2 guys). Also my daughter has asthma. They say that's AI too, and the psoriasis is AI as well. If my costochondritis ever comes back as severe as it was before, (right now it's gone), I will ask my doc about that Lodine. Thank you for letting me know about that Lia. Did his go away for good? If so, that's wonderful!

I'm so happy for you succeeding quitting the smoking! Next week will already be a whole month! You go girl! :D Rah! Rah! LIA!!!!!!

Give that poor little grandaughter tons of hugs, Lia, that poor baby. I know what that Temovate is, a Dr. that was treating my vdy gave me that once. My skin had become excoriated from the long term yeast. Ouch, that steroid made it hurt worse for me. In time, the skin did heal up, but took a long time.

Keep up the good work staying smoke free in TX, girl! :)
PS~It would be nice if they started a VDY board here...maybe someday they will. I've seen it mentioned on various boards here.