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Hello everyone,
I have been fighting eczema for several years. I have seen 2 different dermatologists with very little success. I have used triamcenolone, fluocininide (Lidex) Westcort, Temovate, Ultravate - all steroid creams. I'm sure that I have forgotten to include some others. I have also used Protopic and Elidel with very little long term success. I have had the most success with Cordran tape - a clear tape - with a steroid embedded within the tape. You apply the tape over affected areas and leave it overnight or about 12 hours. But still, after several weeks or months, the eczema will start returning - first in a small spot and then spread. It is almost entirely on my lower legs.

The latest round has been very bad. I have scratched my legs until they will bleed and I have had the rash itself get infected twice. My doctor has to then put me on antibiotic for the infection. The odd thing about it is that when I take antibiotic, not only does the infection clear up but the rash seems to clear some too. What is this saying?

Right now, my dermatologist has me using Protopic along with Lidex. It seems to clear some, and then, as usual, gets worse again. I am at my wits end as to how to deal with the itchy, ugly stuff.

Has anyone ever seen an allergist about the eczema? I keep seeing dermatologists, but it's not doing a lot of good. I am starting to consider looking at it from an allergy standpoint. Any ideas anyone?