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Wanted to write to let you know that I succeeded in sneaking in at the final hour, before our insurance coverage ends.

I took the bull by the horns today to try to get this accomplished. I left for Cincy a little after 7 a.m. with the intent of talking face to face with the doc's nurse. She's actually a medical assistant, but he refers to her as his nurse.

Well, I called from a payphone to inquire which office that I could find her at. The main 'watchdog acted like she couldn't understand me over the phone. I think she just has a 'watchdog' personality. She's very territorial.

Anyway, I lucked out because his medical nurse was at the main office, and that was where I was at. I went in there and told one of the girls behind the desk that I needed to speak to his nurse about something important.

I was told to be seated. I didn't have to wait too long. Dr. was on call and wasn't in the office at that time.

Well, she took me into one of the examining rooms for a private chat, and I simply told her about my situation/dilemma and that I really didn't want to have to deal with COBRA because I didn't think I could receive enough personal financial backing to keep me covered for a little while longer.

She said that she had planned to page the doctor around noon and that she'd relate what I had told her. I told her to contact me on my cell phone. Well, it was almost 2 or after 2 when she finally called, and I was on a hilly street, headed back towards the hospital area because I was trying to kill some time.

Unfortunately, the rain, the hilly area, and just the PLAIN CELL PHONE all tried to work against me because the connection was very poor, and neither one of us could make any sense of what the other one was trying to communicate. Can you believe it?

Well, I just told her that I would go back and see her at the office; that it was no problem, but she may have figured this out for herself when I didn't immediately call her back. Thankfully, I was only around 15 minutes away from the office.

I asked to speak to her again and told them that our connection was poor. As soon as she came out into the lobby area, she said that the surgery time was set for Monday at 2 p.m. and that she was getting ready to fax the necessary info. to the surgery department and that she planned to call Cigna tomorrow and get any necessary pre-certification done. However, she said that the phone call to Cigna only was for the pre-cert and wasn't actually a 'yes or no' answer as to whether or not they covered that particular procedure. What?!

Well, bottom line is that Cigna, once I called them, said to not worry about it because if, for some reason, doctor's offices don't call them to get this done, the doctor's office cannot put the financial responsibility on the patient.

Unfortunately, Surgicare couldn't perform my blood work this afternoon; they were booked up. They did, however, tell me that this can be done on the day of the procedure when I get there. The woman in Surgicare told me that it's not my responsibility to ask the insurance company if a procedure is covered; it's up to the doctor's office. I am going to wing it and proceed with my plans.

I have to be over there at noon. I will probably be really starving all day since that's the latest time that I've had any of my surgeries.

His nurse said that the procedure is, in fact, a D&C and that it takes 20-30 minutes. I hope that I don't reel from the general anesthesia for hours on end. Oh, well, at least I'll be prepared--on the way home. I'm taking Sprite or something similar with me on the ride home.

I'll write back once I'm able to after the procedure. From reading online, the doctor may have me schedule a follow up with him and also will go over the pathology report.

On a related note, this stupid "sebaceous" cyst in that area is really bugging me. It feels like dull ache and throbs on occasion. It also itches. I feel that it's coming from that "bump" right there that I thought could've been an ingrown hair. Any thoughts on what I can do, besides hot soaks, for some relief? I only have Vagisil on hand. No more Temovate! Well, I think I threw that stuff away. LOL I think that I may have vulvodynia and that there may be some sort of [unknown] nerve damage associated with this. I'm really close to doing damage control on the area...:mad:

It's downright annoying! (screams)