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I feel for you.

I've been dx'd with a 4 mm "inclusion/sebaceous" cyst in my labia minora. I've had it for more than three years, not knowing what it was. Bad thing is only doctor has dx'd me w/a cyst. I experience a dull ache quite a bit. I'm on my m/cycle right now, and it bothers me while I have this problem, so it acts up constantly.

Further back, near the vagina, ppl might get Bartholin's gland cysts that act up. Your doc should be able to tell what the problem is, but some docs don't know what's up, esp. if you fail to get pretty detailed (Prior to my doc actually looking at the area in question, he assumed I had some sort of infection and talked about prescribing Diflucan, and then prescribed Temovate at the next visit, but he didn't actually see the "pimple" that I refer to as being the culprit (the area where I experience soreness, itching, and aching).

Good luck with it. I hope that you get the correct treatment and can get on with your life.

Since my doc is conservative, he won't do anything about it cause it's "supposedly" not infected. He and another doc said that it's "overkill" to sic a scalpel on the area because it's like going after a needle in a haystack, and the sheer act of attempting to go after it could cause more problems like bleeding, etc.