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I am kinda scared right now. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid, possible Graves Disease. I go for testing next week. They are going to do 24 hour RAIU amd Thyroid Scan, and if verified, give me treatment. How am I going to feel next week, and will this affect my work performance? Also, he prescribed Tenormin for me to take. I took my first yesterday. Does anyone know how this will help me?
I wish you the best of luck and health on your treatment. Tenormin is a beta blocker. What it does is desensitize your nervous system from feeling the effects of the excess thyroid hormone you're producing. It helps to bring down and even out your heart rate, reduce any tremor you might have, and just generally take the edge off.
I have thyroiditis right now and am taking Toprol-XL, another type of beta blocker. So far it is giving me some relief, but it did take several days to kick in. I'm still waiting to find out if I have Graves'.
Hope this helps and that you're feeling better soon!
I have not been diagnosed as of yet but know, based on symtoms, that I'll be under some type of medication shortly. My questions are: What was your symtoms and what indicators did you Dr. use for diagnosing you with hyperthyroid? Was Tenormin perscribed before blood work? If after, how long afer and how were you told - I mean, did it wait until the next appointment or were you urgently phoned to pickup a perscription? I had blood work done two days ago and will too go in for Nuclear Medicine RAIU as well as Untrasound next week. As I'm sure you can tell, I too am quite concerned about all this....

Hillary, I noticed you said ..."had Graves disease last year".. Now these questions may be ignorant but do you no longer have it? Are you cured or do you just no longer suffer from Graves related symptoms?

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