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I was diagnosed with tachycardia when I was 25 years old. I always had a low bp reading then all of a sudden...It sky rocketed! I had an EKG and an Echo...The doctor put me on Tenormin (beta blocker)...I have been on it for 11 years now. The only side effects I notice..is it tends to slow me down and my heart! But I had much rather have my heart not having to work so hard and keep it low in rate than speeding all the time. It's like the motor of your body...You keep pressing the gas full speed then it's gonna end up blowing up! And I believe if I hadn't of got help when I did...I would have probably ended up having a stroke by now.

My resting heart rate was 130 and I had quit all caffeine and nicotine at that time...Before...I never noticed my heart racing and I drank coffee and Mtn Dews and smoked and had a low bp and normal heart rate...One year after quitting all of it...that's what happened...A fast heart rate and stroke level bp. And sadly yes...I did go back to smoking..and I still drink a little bit of caffeine!