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I just found that out last week when I had to go in to another doc that I use occassionally (very seldom) for something quick, like sore throats, stitches, or in my case a "tic bite". Yeah, stupid tic bit me in the waist line and I noticed a "ring" around the bite.

At any rate, I began discussing BP meds with the older and experienced doc who was treating me and I discussed my BP med problems with headaches and so forth and he said that for young guys( Made my day) :D like me (49) he always prescribes a beta blocker with a small amount of water pill for BP control. He said he likes tenormin because it is both a Beta plus HZCT. His reasons are thus:
He claims that in younger people the heart is still very strong and that the best method to control BP is to calm the heart down and release some water volume. He said that for the elderly a beta is NOT a good idea because the heart in an elderly person NEEDS TO BEAT STRONG, thus he prescribes dilators and so forth. For an older doctor he seemed very logical. He also claimed that my 47 BPM from the Atenolol is GOOD, said it won't hurt me a bit. But I did tell him though that it can bog me down and he said to trytaking less or try Tenormin in a small dose BUT THEN he told me to talk to my family doc. :D

But I just found this interesting because my family doctor gave me a Beta blocker as the last resort after I complained of headaches all the time from ARB's and CCB's which were tried first!

Big difference!

TENORMIN is just atenolol. I think he may have been referring to TENORETIC which includes the VERY potent diuretic, chlorthalidone.

I like and share his theory that weakening the heartbeat is not a good way to treat people of a "tender age.":D In fact, if one is ever so unfortunate to have a heart attack, a beta-blocker actually interferes with one of the important mechanisms for keeping the heart beating. Ain't THAT a kick in the pants?

I think the older doctors were educated by medical schools and the younger ones are educated by the pharmaceutical manufacturers...that might account for a lot of their prescribing methods. :jester:
I'd love to see a comparison in NORVASC prescribing between young and old doctors.