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I'll apologize in advance for the long post. Hopefully you will be able to glean some helpful information from this post! ;)

I too am a sufferer of daily migranes. Some that have landed me in the hospital. :eek: I did a food diary for a year and a scent diary for a year (perfumes and chemicals). Nothing came up as a trigger. Then I started keeping a daily journal, and figured out that mine are triggered by atmospheric pressure. I live in the deep south...(think Hurricane Katrina territory)...and the humidity and high/low pressure systems just wreak havock on me. My husband can always know if it's going to rain, even if it is sunny and bright outside....and my head is never wrong.

An interesting aside is that my entire family sufferes from migraines, and I am the baby of 7. Mine began at the age of 7. I've also, unfortunately, passed them on to my beautiful 19 y. o. daughter. Hers began at the onset of puberty as well. :( Mine continued from age 7, until I hit puberty, and then slowly went away, (though I've NEVER been headache free) and when I had an emergency hysterectomy at age 28, they came back with a vengence! About 4 years ago, they became so bad, I could barely function. My doctor, bless his heart, was trying everything! I cannot take anything like Imetrex and Zomig, etc., because I have a heart problem, and they have been known to cause heart attacks. My current regime is Topamax 100mg (two 25mg am and two 25mg pm) as well as Paxil 20mg/day, Tenormin 50mg/day and Ativan 0.5mg/day all as PREVENTATIVES. Though I still get frequent headaches, they are not nearly as SEVERE and DEEP as they were. For those I can take OTC migrane meds. When I get one of the Severe Migranes, I take Fiornal #3 (with codine) and Lortab 5/500 as rescue meds, alternating with each headache so as not to build up a tolerance for either drug.

During the hurricane season, especially this last one with a direct hit from Katrina, and Rita, the barometric pressure did a number on me, so I had not so great of a summer. But I'm thankful for the Topamax. Since beginning it, my headaches have dramatically decreased in intensitiy and occurance. I've also lost almost 90 pounds (one of the side effects is weight loss). I couldn't take neurontin due to some nasty side effects for me. Some people report nasty side effects of Topamax, but I've not experienced any and come April, it will be two years that I've been on Topamax. Perhaps one of your doctors would be willing to look at the benefits of Topamax or Neurontin....or have you been down that road too??

I really understand your pain. There's nothing like a migraine. And I have back issues too. Gimme the back anyday, keep the migraine. Geeze....aren't we all just falling apart. :rolleyes:

Good luck to ya in finding some help. I'll keep you in my prayers that you can find some much needed and deserved relief soon.

~!~ bgsigns ~!~