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Dear Ranaj and Arimon18:

Thank you for your posts. My mom does not have a pacemaker yet. She has atrial fibrilation and heart failure and takes Tenormin, Coumadin and Lovastatin. The doctor has said that if the Tenormin does not help then she will need a pacemaker.

She does not want one because of negative things that she has heard about when it is time to get your pacemaker replaced.

If and when she does get a pacemaker, Kaiser Permanente will put it in.

There is only my Dad and myself to talk to her and she is very stubborn. She says that if she gets a pacemaker now, then ten years from now when it is time for a replacement she will have problems. I told her that without the pacemaker you may never live those ten years. I am very frank and to the point in hopes that it will sink in.

Her heart problem started a year ago. Before that she was active and now she moves so slow, is always tired, her legs were extremely swollen. Not to mention the pain.

What I don't understand is if the pacemaker eliminates atrial fibrilation then why must you be on the coumadin still?

Ranaj are you on coumadin too?