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I have simular stomach issues that the last test with those crystals and berium then xray said it was negetive That's BS I think my Dr that sent me to the her Hospital made the report the way they want it documented Leaving me Untreated.
I Know I have real servere bloating and pain with fullness after eating just a bowl of soup. I know I have Gasteritous and a Hietal Hernia for yrs I have taken Protonix for yrs . This Servere bloating and pain at the top rght of my belly Is Real and my stomach is hard as a rock. I take hand fulls of natural stool softeners , So I am having good bowl movements. But the next Day is like the Movie Ground Hog Day Same thing over and over.
My BP Has been elevated 170/110 even to the point of having lft arm pain just 3 hrs after taking my BP Meds So she increased the BP Meds ,!? Thats not the Answer Now I'm taking 60mg procardia 3 x A Day 50MG Tenormin if anyone can help or reply I would greatly appreciate the input.
M Coriano