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Hi everyone.

I really appreciate all your answers and I will make another appointment with my family physican and see what he thinks. My family doctor did not set me up with the chiropractor. I went to see him on my own as my best friend is his patient and thinks so highly of him.
But I don't want to take any chances.

I meant to tell you. The chiropractor DID take X rays and said I have a degenerative disc in my neck. ( this is in addition to my lower back pain ) He said my spine looked looked. My neck has been tight and achey for years. I am not sure how common this is. Is a degenerative disc in the neck region common? He said it was cause by an injury in the past 10 years and I have not been injured that I know of!
( I am a 53 year old female, good health, good weight, eat healthy, maybe in need of mopre exercise though )

Can the chiropractor tell from the X rays that my sacroililac joint is out of alignment? ( he told me he knew it was a little off.. and would be able to get it back through a series of adjustments.

But now I am scared to go back...

Should I request my X rays and take them to my family physician?

Do you think since the Chiro told me that it is my sacro, could it be anything else, since he does have the X rays?

Thank you for saying to ask many questions. I certainly have them. :)

I have never had back problems and it is so hard and so scary. I am starting to get depressed because it is always there.

I take tenormin for regulation of my pulse and IBUPROFEN interferes with tenormin. So the ONLY relief I am getting is from tylenol, which I try to take as minimally as possible and always with food.
I am not getting much relief.

Any additional info would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you all so much.