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Hi Sheri!
Congrats on getting to see a new pain mgt. dr! :D Hopefully this one is much more knowledable than the last one. About your meds, I know that Neurontin has caused alot of other RSD'rs here weight gain. Plus I personally hate that drug, because that's when I became worse (bed-ridden) and severely depressed.
I looked in the Living with RSD book, that offers suggetions for meds. For depression, it says Amitriptylene, is one of the tricyclic anti-depressants, & has along track record of lessoning neuropathic pain. I switched to that drug for the cost--$5 a month vs Remeron $80 a month, when I had to pay for my meds. It worked, but not as good as the Remeron, which I went back on, now that Medicare pays for them. Other drugs recommended are Clonazepam for muscle spasms, Terazosin??? & Dibenzyline are use to treat hypertensions by producing a vascactive sympathetic blockade--preventing the neurotransmitters of the SNS from contracing the blood vessels. Outcomes varies. Note these drugs are used injections for the Blocks. Balcofen and Clonazepam are used for muscle spasms agin, however clonazepam is derived from the the same family as valium and xanax, and has anti anxiety effects when panic attacks are prominent. I take xanax for this from the same family. Maybe I should switch? Than my favorite are the Opiods. MSCotin and OxyCotin, are extended release opiods& are helpful for smoothing out the peaks and valleys of pain control, that can occur when taking shorter acting pain meds ( Darvon, Lortab, Percocet and Vicoden.
There in a nut shell. I currently take soma 350 mg x 3, xanax-1 mg. x 3, MSCotin 60 mg. x 3, 325 mg percocets x 5 aday, and a remeron to sleep with. After reading this, I might want totry the clnazepam so I can chill and control the spasms, and cut out one more med. But I really want to try the Lyrica this month. Lyrica is for nerve pain, and new since this book was published in 2003. Lots of people have good response with this med. The key too, when trying meds, is don't intoduce too many new ones at the same time. Do them one by one, I know we all want it now, but this way you can see, and your dr. can monitor how it helps or hurts you. If it helps increase the dose. If it hurts, replace it. Any BAAAADDD affects, notify your dr. right away. Hope this helps. Hi Ho HI Ho it's off to work I go--yuk! :rolleyes: .
Have a greal weekend. Aloha Skooze