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Hi Hux,

you sound like a very sensible young man. You are right for wanting your life to return to normal. I am glad you got top notch medical care and that all of the necessary medical tests were carried out. It is unfortunate that sometimes after all the possible causes of secondary hypertension have been ruled out, the doctors and their patients are left with no answers.

The use of alpha blockers was evaluated in 2000 after an ALLHAT study. One arm of the study had to be stopped. The researchers found that doxazosin provided less benefit than other medications, and a higher percentage of people who took it developed congestive heart failure. Generally, concerns over cardiovascular adverse events and possible carcinogenicity sort of diminished its use. Mostly, the adverse effects were associated with non-selective alpha blockers.
This was the reason for development of selective alpha blockers, such as terazosin hydrochloride, doxazosin, and others. As you might have read, they are widely used in urology in certain problems, namely BPH. They cause sexual dysfunction due to interference with tetrasterone. In spite of its selectivity, cardiovascular events are seen with tamsulosin. People should mention the use of these to their ophtalmologist, as they can interfere with certain eye surgeries. In people with existing heart disease, the use of alpha blockers increases the risk. In people with kidney and liver disease, there's a lot of sensitivity to these drugs.
The best way to use the alpha blockers, if their use is indicated (usually in severe/resistant hypertension) would be in combination with another drug. A good example is Labetalol. It is a very powerful drug combination (an alpha/beta blocker) that works in reducing hypertension. I was on it for quite some time & had to discontinue, due to breathing difficulties. The alpha blockers also cause postural hypotension, which means the blood pressure drops when you stand up and that could make a person ill.

The AV nicking happens when there is compression of veins at points where retinal arterioles cross over retinal veins. It sort of looks like somewhat distended crossroads. The comparison that I was given was a flexible garden hose versus a rusty metal pipe (in my case).
Good luck with your treatment. Ask your doctor about the ACE inhibitors, ARBs and Labetalol.