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In researching Androderm, it seems the product might be best for young men due to less transfer to other persons, waiting time to dry, ability to swim, shower, athletics, etc. with the patch still on, a claimed 92% return to normal levels, lack of increase in PSA . . . From my calculations, the 5 mg patch should provide the same absorption as the 50 mg Testim because Testim's prescribing info claims a 10% absorption rate over a 24 hr period. The main drawback that I read about is skin irritation but I'm willing to see how that goes especially if I'm going to be on T replacement, long term.

Is anyone(s) using Testoderm patches? If so, what is your age, etc.? I am 40, otherwise healthy, and am considering asking for a trial of it when I visit the Urologist next month. The Testim seems to be helping me thus far, however, I'm having issues with it drying (I wait 15 minutes and it still sticks to my clothes), it seems to stay unusually wet on my hands after I've applied it and I'm concerned about transfer issues with my young son and wife.