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Another question about side effects on the colon itself...
Once I took tetracycline and it caused me to burn terribly when I had a bowel movement. It was not diarrhea, soft, but boy did it hurt/sting/burn. I was young and thought I must have gotten hemmoroids. I did not link it the the antibiotic until much later. Now when I take an antibiotic the doc tells me to eat yogurt to put the bacteria back in my colon. Ok -- the question.... Does the 5-FU and other chemotherapies destroy the bacteria in the colon. Is there burning with bowel movements? If so, what to the doctors do for it? As badly as I hurt from that antibiotic, I don't think I could stand 6 months of burning.
Of course it could go the other way and I could be constipated. Does this cause burning too?
This has really been weighing heavy on my mind all day long today. I'm driving myself nuts. Have initial appt with chemo doc on Monday. Please share your experiences, Thanks, RV
Tetracycline can cause an excess of stomach acid and that can mean more of this reaching the rectum and resulting in that burning. This is an antibiotic of course and does affect colon bacteria.

I don't think that 5FU affects colon bacteria so much. It does cause diarreha though and with that you get more stomach acid making it all the way to the other end. I have said in the past that at one time I noticed quite obviously that my supper was all the way through me within a few hours of dinnertime while I was on chemo.

I don't know of anyone who complained of constipation while on chemo.

It is important to keep hydrated though. If you start feeling very run down and weak and have had diarreaha then try drinking an Ensure or a sport drink or even a ginger ale or club soda with lemon or lime.

Immodium works well on diarreha. Get the doctor to write a prescription for a generic form of immodium. You can get 50 of them for the price of 8 Immodium. 8 is the over the counter maximum daily dose so Immodium is usually sold in packages of 8. Chemo patients however can easily go through 4 or 5 every couple of days.