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Hi Derek

I am in the same time frame as you and it also started when I began to take medication.

Last June I started feeling light-headed and this would only last a few seconds then I wouldn't have it again for a week or so. I went to the doctor who found out I had an under-active thyroid and was prescribed thyroxine. From that day on I started feeling very off balance and would tend to sway to my right-hand side, feeling like I was going to fall over. I also felt nauseous and that I am going to pass out.

When I first went to ENT they said they suspected labs but would need to carry out further tests. When I went back, after going through the tests (ENG/Cal, etc) the results were inconclusive. The ENT then suspected that the dizziness may be related to migraine or my neck and I was prescribed a course of Amitriptyline. That was a bit of a nightmare for me as the Ami made me feel worse (very light-headed). So at the moment I am un-diagnosed.

However, I am starting to feel a bit better, not able to go back to work yet, but able to go out by myself again. Last week I even had one full day were I didn't feel dizzy at all. So it must finally be on the way out! I think this can take it's time to go away (2 steps forward then 1 back).

Anyway hope this helps?? Have you been to see any consultants?

Best Wishes