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Dear Nervousone
You beat me to it - I was just going to post a new thread asking if anyone else had IBS-type symptoms that started after childbirth.
After I had my 2nd child in 2001, I noticed that my bowel movements changed more or less overnight. I had always been on the constipated side of normal and to help with this during pregnancy I ate a lot more whole grains, oats etc. Once I had my daughter I found that my bms were a lot looser and smellier and put this down to a combination of the whole grains and hormones. Despite the slight constipation I have always had looser stools/diarrhoea during my period. I found that breastfeeding triggered it and sometimes (especially first thing in the morning) I couldn't finish a feed before having to dash off to the loo. When I went back to work 7 months later the symptoms got worse and now I have grumbly stomach and gas a lot and diarrhoea about once a month (plus the usual period diarrhoea). I've also found I succumb to a lot more stomach bugs. Prior to my 2nd baby, I hadn't had a stomach bug in 10 years but I've had at least 2 a year since then. I now can't tolerate garlic (used to love it!), Guinness, corn on the cob and eating a lot of sweet food sets me off too. Someone on an earlier thread mentioned hypothyroidism as a possible cause, but I just thought I'd mention that I have been hypothyroid since birth (diagnosed when I was 3 months old) and luckily it has always been kept well under control, even when I was pregnant, as I was under special care to monitor it. I've been on a stable dose of thyroxine for years now and recently had another test to check. I've just had a flare up of the IBS symptoms this week - it started on the day my period came (Friday) and it's now Wednesday and I've still got the D. I had to have a day off sick on Monday as I felt so rough. I've been to see the doctor more times in the past year or so than ever and they say with a wry smile and shrug that it 'sounds like IBS' and suggest blood tests.

Has anyone else got a similar experience or advice?