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Ok call me stupid, my post is misleading :) I had one lesion in october, and that's how this whole MS saga started and then proliferated into many other things and then back to MS. Nothing is changing about this lesion nor are any new ones showing up. The only thing changing about it is the interpretation of what it is, from one doctore to another.

I kept on agreeing that MS can do this and much more but now having ran all of the non invasive tests over and over, as well as the Spinal Tap I'm finally not making sense to the doctors. And that's why it is another suggestion.

As far as the Thyroid thing, they did do a thyroid panel for:
TSH Normal limits
T4 Normal limits
T3 uptake Normal limits
Free thyroxine Index Normal limits

Would those not show that I have a problem if it was hypothyrodisim (forgive my ignorance)