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Hi guys,
Thanks for your responses:
My ESR is on the max now but has fluctuated up and down along with my CRP levels (which are always high) IGG levels (up and down) and my Thyroid antibodies (TPO) are 3 times normal amount despite all my thyroid tests being well within normal limits. All other tests (blood) are normal I have been tested for everything.

The dr's will give me no help at all until they have a diagnosis so I am totally on my own with this (except for the wonderful support given to me by the complimentary medicine practitioners) I also have again cut out refined sugar and gluten/dairy after I Went back on them and consequently have deterioted again.

The dr's don't know what it is....they shrug their shoulders and pass me onto the next specialist. No-one has looked at all my symptoms, each take the ones relevant to them and ignore the rest.

The thing is as well I come from a family full of illness...My mum is on the highest dose of thyroxine for her underactive thyroid and my Aunty has MS but the very bad type she has had it since 17 years old and had motor problems from the start (i.e not being able to walk etc)whereas I have never experienced those type of symptoms.

Thanks for all your support

Leanne :wave: