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I am a 18 y old man with a health problem I just can’t handle. It seems very realistic that I have to terminate education (high school).So far, no one has been able to help me, so I would really appreciate any hint that could lead me to the right track. There are several hypothesis, but none of them seem to be right. I don’t even know if it is the right forum I am addressing.

Short description of history and symptoms :
I can remember some of the symptoms (consentration problems) back in 2000, but it was not really a problem at that time. My health turned worse in 2003, and 2004 has been a nightmare. I have never used any kind of narcotics, and I am not depressed. Until last year, I was considered to be a very healthy young man. I am physically strong, weight and height are just above average for an adult. I reached my final height two years ago. Need for sleep is as normal.

I am struggling with severe fatigue - the entire body. I am not able to do physical work.

It is difficult to participate in a conversation, and it is almost impossible to concentrate on lessons etc at school.

I have bad balance, and my movements have become clumsy.
I have monocular diplopia (double vision - even if I look through a pinhole)
I am sensitive for changes in light (dark to light, light to dark)
I have bad short-time memory
I can no longer use a PC – symptoms turn worse almost immediately
I feel better in the morning than in the evening

Physical exercise (running) has an almost immediate positive effect. After 6 – 8 minutes intensive exercise, the symptoms fades away, and I feel much better (I have to RUN - fast walk has no effect). This effect remains throughout the day, and to some extents - even the next day. As a consequence , I have to exercise every day to keep up. The first minutes of running are a real pain. I need more time (than before) to restitue after exercise.

What has been done :
I have done a cerebral MRI scanning twice. No indications.
Analyses of spinal fluid show no indications.
The endocrinologist have no answers. Both cortisole and thyroxine seem to be ruled out . Dopamine level in urine is a little bit higher than expected, but so far we dont see any connection.

I have been tested for Myastenia Gravis. No indications.
EMG test - no indications.

If anyone have any idea what to do, please give me an answer !

Best regards
Jorgen L