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I am a 18 y old man with a health problem I just can’t handle. I had to terminate education (high school) this year. So far, no one has been able to help me, so I would really appreciate any hint that could lead me to the right track. There are several hypothesis, but none of them seem to be right.

Short description of history and symptoms :
I can remember some of the symptoms (consentration problems) back in 2000, but it was not really a problem at that time. My health turned worse in 2003, and 2004 has been a nightmare. I have never used any kind of narcotics, and I am not depressed.

I am struggling with severe fatigue - the entire body. I am not able to do physical work.

It is difficult to participate in a conversation, and it is almost impossible to concentrate on lessons etc at school.

I have bad balance, and my movements have become clumsy.
I have monocular diplopia (double vision)
I have bad short-time memory
I can no longer use a PC – symptoms turn worse almost immediately
I feel better in the morning than in the evening

Physical exercise (running) has an almost immediate positive effect. After 6 – 8 minutes intensive exercise, the symptoms (including double vision !) fades away, and I feel much better (I have to RUN - fast walk has no effect). This effect remains throughout the day, and to some extents - even the next day. (Blood samples were taken before and after excercise. 25 % higher cortisole, no other significant differences).As a consequence , I have to exercise every day to keep up. The first minutes of running are a real pain.

I need more time (than before) to restitute after exercise.

I also experience a positive short-time effect of ’adrenaline-triggering’ situations - beeing scared, angry and so on.

If I get a cold or a flue , all my symptoms get severely worse.

What has been done :
I have done a cerebral MRI twice. No indications.
Analyses of spinal fluid show no indications.
The endocrinologist have no answers. Both cortisole and thyroxine seem to be ruled out . Dopamine level in urine is a little bit higher than expected, but so far we dont see any connection.
I have been tested for Myastenia Gravis. No indications.
I was examined for ARC – no indications.
I am taking B12 injections – so far no effect.

If anyone have any idea what to do, please give me an answer !

Best regards
Jorgen L