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Hi hbep,

did you get to the dinner party last night? - if you did it was very brave! I drove to pick up a Chinese takeaway and that wasnt exactly pleasant - Oh what an exciting life I lead LOL.

I know what you mean about turning over every stone, think ive just about done that too. Ive been tested a few times for thyroid and it was low - normal. A private doc tried me with thyroxine for 3 months, but it didnt help and I am also trying adrenal glandulars at the moment. I have actually been tested for Lyme too by a private doc who found I had 'borreliosis'. I must admit I was pretty skeptical at the time as he was finding it in everyone's blood that went to see him. Anyway I took the herbal stuff Samento for 3-4 months and it made me feel so bad that eventually I stopped it as I was working at the time and was really dizzy and almost passing out. He thought that as my symptoms started while I was in Greece that I had possibly been bitten by a mosquito. I do wonder now if I should have kept on with his treatment. I think he has changed his treatment slightly now with antiobiotics added in and other stuff.

My own GP was horrified when he found out I was seeing a private thyroid doc and he had me taking thyroxine and wrote and told me so. The trouble is GP doesnt have any more suggestions so he expects me to just go away and be ill forever, so I am left with no choice but to go private and try this and that. I would certainly pursue these 2 avenues, especially the thyroid as your doc should do that for you, if he wont do the particular tests ie FT3 and FT4 they are pretty cheap to get done privately - about £24.

Take care,

Chris x