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*~*~*~*~ rushing off to cupboard to check tablets *~*~*~*~*~

I'm on Thyroxine (Oroxine derivative) 200 mcg per day.

That helps keep me awake *grin*

The Noten (Blood Pressure) ~ helps relax me (makes me tired)
The Tritace Inhibitor (Heart tablet) ~ helps my metabolism slow down (oh great, put on weight ...)
The Natrilix (fluid tablet) ~ helps get rid of excess fluid to counteract the weight gain (yet to see or notice).

I will remind the doctor about the calcium thing .. we have a special tablet here, called Fosamax ~ you take it once a week at the same time and stay still for the next hour. Upright preferable. Sounds dramatic to me .... I think they'll be throwing me on that .. seems to be the case with fractures.

MIL is coping quite nicely without FIL here. She's JUST A HAPPY .. Happy, Happy, Happy, giggly sleepy little girl ..... having lots of Nanna Naps everyday, and heading off to bed around 10pm when I ring her phone and wake her up again.

She's quite PLEASANT .. it's SO nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still suspicious, and I don't think it would take much to push her over the edge .. but ....... ya never know!!

FIL is VERY sook'ish at the moment. if your 5 minutes late for visiting time, he's ringing asking where you are. He asked if I was coming to visit him tonight, and I said No, I'm hurting too much .. too many people prodding and poking me and making my neck and shoulder do things it doesn't want to ..I'm hurting .. you could hear his bottom lip drop.

I MUST contact the Discharge planner at the Private Hospital and have a word with her. I want her to say "precise" things to FIL, that coming from HER will be listened to. . . but it's friday .. and I need more pain killers .... today is a bad day :-(


Yes, Barbara, dad is calm and tranquil at the moment. He does so love storms. :confused:

Speaking of dad, I have yet to hear from the social worker that the doctor said was going to call me. They'd better get on the ball. They don't want to make me angry. :nono:

Sally, thyroxine speeds up your matabolism. Are you taking the Tritace Inhibitor to counteract that? I don't want to keep going off the subject of this board so would you meet me on the thyroid board? I'll post to you there. I don't want to get into trouble here.

Happy April Fool's Day!

Love, Barb